America’s manufacturing is under pressure beyond jobs lost.


  • Global competition will double
  • High tech and over supply of production capacity

All require a new approach

  • “A MARKET CENTERED approach”

Since the start of the outsourcing to low labor costs countries, American manufacturers and businesses have done well. But the wheel is starting to turn beyond the press write-ups of manufacturing jobs losses and skill shortages.


As the social pressure mounts as a result of trade deficits, national debt and unemployment, re-shoring became the magic word;

Think about this, is re-shoring the answer?;-

Maybe, partly;– Yes? Well not exactly because the Chinese are not going to go on holidays or to the beach.

There is a little bird in China that do not sings chirp chirp or  “O please do not leave”; “O please do not leave” but it sings “Farewell go safely, we’ll fly on.”; “Farewell go safely, we’ll fly on.” as they start programs to re-ignite factories closed by foreign companies. due to re-shoring.

Slowly but surely with American manufacturers returning home, country after country are starting to invest into projects to capitalize on the manufacturing opportunities opened up with the off shore outsourcing manufacturing drives now closing due to re-shoring.

We all have seen the steel industry nightmare of increased competition and excessive production capacity. This coupled with a new level of global expertise established through offshore outsourcing are fast becoming the steel industry nightmare for most sectors. Add automation, robotics and super manufacturing the challenges for manufacturers in future are compounded.

What is the solution?

A market centered approach.

Currently most of the tension is placed on improving manufacturing competitiveness and innovation. Both are important but very seldom are market driven.A new market centered approach have to be adopted.

The Firefly Innovations’  initiative “A Second Chance” is part of the new Supercharge Export think Series. That was developed from a market centered approach, Designed and built on advanced future directed marketing concepts.

Specifically designed to assist company to adopt a new focus.The concepts of future directed marketing focus itself and the introduction into a company is a development process.Companies that become part of this development process will be winning companies in future.

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