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The differentiating factor:-

Our programs, solutions and products are:-

  • Future directed, market driven and based on:-
  • Real solutions, value chain
  • Value adding,
  • And when all is integrated, it provides

    leveraged growth for our clients


Changing forestry & wildfires




New global markets




New jobs & high take home pay




 Who is The Firefly Innovations?

L.E.A.D. Lateral Economic Activity Development cc. (A South African private company) develops growth programs under our trade names Ecom-vision and The Firefly Innovations

Our client base includes companies like Barloworld see https://www.barloworld.com and OLD Mutual PLC https://www.oldmutual.com

Some of our growth programs are:-



South African and SADC

Agri 2000  see www.agri2000.co.za

The program’s aim is to accelerate economic growth via agriculture and to enable the people of Africa to develop themselves and become proud global citizens.



The program “My National Union of Electricity Employees” focuses on economic development in Nigeria. See www.mynuee.com.

Unions faced with substantial retrenchments, shifted their focus from the traditional “strike” approach to focusing on the development of new businesses and job opportunities, as options for new employment.



The USA market:-

The main program “The Firefly Innovations”  See www.thefireflyinnovations.com is a division we have launched with the objective to develop future directed economic growth programs and include forestry as economic driver focusing initially on the USA market.

It is estimated that these developments could contribute to budget savings at Federal and State levels in excess of between $0.7 and $1,3 billion USA dollars over a five year period.

The programs also include a small development in the art sectors to initiate art collaboration between SA and the USA.

Lateral Economic Activity Development cc (L.E.A.D.)

  • 29 Industrial Park,
  • Republic Drive Randburg,
  • South Africa


  • Ownership consists of a number of partnerships. The majority interest vests with the founder Johann Ries.
  • Johann was born in the Cape Province and has a strong protestant conservative background
  • He holds a honors bachelor degree in finance and accounting from the University of South Africa (Unisa). With a strong corporate background.
  • In 1993 Johann headed up an economic development program for the SA Short-term Insurance industry for the redeployment of $5 billion {US dollar} for the establishing of mid-size businesses.

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