A Second Chance

Real solutions 

Re-migration + empowerment
Human dignity + business and economic growth for U.S. & Mexican businesses

From zero (NO) choice

To freedom and building our future

With economic growth for the USA & Mexico

"A Second Chance" initiative for:-Real solutions that break fear & build economic freedom

An initiative to:-

  • Empower undocumented migrants economically through voluntary re-migration;
    • With business & economic support that;
  • Unlocks opportunities for U.S. & Mexican businesses to grow;-
    • Back to back initiating the rebuild of Syria, Iraq and the other Arab countries.
    • By provided re-migration options for undocumented migrants in Europe.

2017 a new vision and new solutions

  • To deliver human dignity and economic growth via
  • Economic empowerment and re-migration for the U.S./Mexico & the European Arabic migrants, backed by
  • Business growth collaboration between business, governments, communities & people

"A Second Chance" delivers real solutions and benefits for:-

Undocumented migrants

  • Both in the USA & Europe
  • Re-migrations support
  • Research shows 30% would return if they are assisted and
  • can re-apply legally later VS. having to face deportation and zero return

The USA & U.S. Businesses

  • Funding via budget savings to
  • Creating new jobs to offset cross-boarder job losses
  • New exports
  • Growth though new business creation


Mexico & Mexican businesses

  • Humane re-migration
  • Resettlement funding via
  • budget savings and
  • new exports
  • In-short, it maintains economic growth for Mexico

The choice:- deportation & no chance to return or economic empowerment

Overall human dignity, personal, business and economic growth

A new level of humane re-migration and economic growth  for the USA & Mexico

  • Through integrated business & migration programs
  • That open doors for existing businesses in the USA & Mexico and
  • Re-migrating families

For growth benefits that will ensure:-


New humane options to re-dress undocumented migration

Economic empowerment and support for migrants who voluntary re-migrate

Support the maintaining of family unity and unite families

New opportunities for U.S. & Mexican companies

  • For new markets and export growth

Major budget savings for the USA & Mexico

  • That can be redeployed for redressing re-migrations and NAFTA aspects.
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A new level of human dignity and global economic growth

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