Support for undocumented immigrants in the USA & Europe

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Now you can apply for re-migration support withA Second Chance” 
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  • Unite  your family
  • Return to your homeland
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  • The voluntary re-migration program will assist & support you & your family

With support you can break the past

You can help and take action to stop the horrors of the past and

At the same time build your own, family’s future and financial security

Change it to:-

Hope, a quality life for your family and rebuild your homeland

Take action now

  • Now you can shape the future unlock wealth and life quality

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Start new a new life for you and your family 

Remigrate from the U.S. to Mexico

Remigrate from Europe to Syria plus

A voluntary re-migrations initiative where you can make the difference 

See the difference you can make

From despair  

From desperation

From fear and loneliness

From hopelessness 

From slums

To freedom & dignity  

To freedom, life quality and family pride 

To happiness & belonging 

To economic empowered  

To proud home-ownership 

Voluntary re-migration gives your the power to build your future

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